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EVRAZ Portland Spiral Pipe Mill


Conveniently located adjacent to the Rolling Mill, our Portland Spiral Pipe Mill is a large diameter, spiral-weld mill with an annual capacity of up to 200,000 tons.

The Portland Spiral Mill converts steel coils from the rolling mill into high-strength, large-diameter API-grade pipe for high-pressure natural gas and oil transmission lines as well as for structural applications. The facility also features a new state-of-the-art external and internal coating facility. Through an innovative process, fusion bonded epoxy and abrasion resistant coatings are applied to pipe exteriors for maximum durability, and pipe interiors are coated with epoxy paint for maximum flow efficiency.

Quality Registrations

Products Plant Location
  • EVRAZ Portland
  • 14400 North Rivergate Blvd.
  • Portland, Oregon 97203
  • Phone: 503-286-9651
  • Sales: 503-240-5240