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EVRAZ Recycling

Mercury Switch Recovery Programs

EVRAZ Recycling installed the first certified continuous mercury steel manufacturing monitoring system in the U.S. at its Pueblo facility, and we are committed to providing mercury-free material to EVRAZ North America steel mills.

The U.S. recycling yards are active participants in the End of Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS) mercury switch program which was created by the automotive industry to promote the industry's environmental efforts in recyclability, education and outreach, and the proper management of substances of concern. ELVS manages the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program to collect, transport, report, recycle or dispose of elemental mercury from automotive switches.

While we cannot accept any scrap containing mercury, we offer a collection depot at our facilities for certain mercury switches removed by our suppliers from the scrap we purchase. In Canada, we offer a bounty for vehicle and appliance mercury switches. To remove switches acceptable for bounty, please review the following documents.

We DO NOT accept:

  • Household thermostat mercury switches
  • Equipment mercury switches
  • Industrial mercury switches
  • Level switches containing mercury
  • Bulk liquid mercury

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