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EVRAZ Recycling


Nonferrous refers to scrap metal other than iron and steel, like aluminum, copper and lead. EVRAZ buys and sells a wide variety of non-ferrous scrap such as:

  • Aluminum (including radiators, car and truck rims, wire and cable, extrusions, siding, cans, sheet and plate, pipe, turnings)
  • Copper (including wire and cable, pipe, sheet, radiators, electric motors)
  • Brass (including valves, fittings, machine parts, pipe)
  • Stainless steel (including industrial equipment, tanks, sheet, plate, pipe)
  • Lead
  • Catalytic convertors
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Zorba
  • Other non-ferrous scrap

Our customers include manufacturers and industrial producers, auto wreckers, other recyclers, demolition contractors and the general public.

You can bring your scrap metal to us, or call to see if our pickup service is right for you.

EVRAZ Recycling Locations